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Undisputed benefits of Roll-On Facial Oil

At Vanamo Cosmetics, we always want to offer our customers the best, and Roll-On Facial Oil is proof of this philosophy. Let's find out why this little blue glass bottle is more than just a package.

Retention of power

The deep blue shade of our glass bottle is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It serves a crucial purpose in maintaining the integrity of the facial oil. Unlike clear glass bottles, blue glass filters light and protects the oil's sensitive ingredients from light degradation. Your facial oil will remain effective.

Precision with every use

The roll-on applicator isn't just about ease; it is a strategic tool for targeted use. The stainless steel ball allows you to precisely treat specific areas of your face. No more messy drips or wasted product – just smooth, controlled application. Plus, it feels like a mini-massage, which improves absorption and gives you a moment to breathe.

Oxidation protection

Oxidation is the enemy of natural skin care. Roll-on ensures that every drop of oil is dispensed without exposing the entire bottle to air. This means minimal contact with oxygen, reducing the risk of oxidation. Your facial oil stays fresh and effective until the last drop, providing your skin with the nourishment it needs.

Fast absorption, no mess

The stainless steel ball not only feels luxurious, it enhances absorption. It glides on the skin smoothly, which helps the oil to penetrate the skin more effectively than just using your hands. Quick and easy!

Right size

Our roll-on bottles are designed with purpose. The smaller size ensures that you use up the oil before its expiration date. Facial oils containing potent natural ingredients should be used within six months to ensure optimal freshness and effectiveness. With our roll-on, you can enjoy the benefits of every drop until the last drop.

Are you ready to change your skin care routine?

Our Roll-On Facial Oil is more than a product, it's a ritual. Your skin deserves the best and we are here for you.

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