Product development and production

Our production process

At Vanamo Cosmetics, each product is made with love, by hand in Posio, Lapland. The preparation of a high-quality product begins with the acquisition of the best ingredients, which guarantees a harmonious mixture of natural ingredients in each product.

From nature to you

Selection of ingredients
- We carefully select high-quality ingredients known for their purity and effectiveness, and prioritize local producers whenever possible.

- Each product is professionally and carefully manufactured, which ensures that attention has been paid to the quality of the final product in each batch.

Quality assurance
- Rigorous testing is not a negotiable step. Before our products reach you, they undergo extensive testing to meet our high quality standards.


Product development journey

Inspiration from needs
- Product development starts with understanding your skin care needs. Each of our products addresses a specific concern, making our range relevant and effective.

Tested by us
- We believe in authenticity. Before any product reaches you, it is tested by ourselves and third parties to ensure that it meets and delivers the promised results.

Skin expertise
- Our founder Laura is responsible for product development. Her background as a herbalist, aromatherapist, wellness coach and skin analyst guarantees comprehensive products. The knowledge of herbs and essential oils in the development process takes into account not only the skin but also the ingredients that promote general well-being.

Under one roof
- The production process is a completely in-house process, from product idea to label design to packaging. Every detail has been carefully thought out to reflect the essence of our brand and the purity of our products.