Yksi salva, monta käyttökohdetta. - Vanamo Cosmetics

One latch, many uses.

Lavender salve – one product with countless uses to simplify your skin care routine.

1.  Dry skin:

The lavender salve treats and protects your skin effectively, does not leave it greasy, absorbs quickly and acts as a luxurious moisturizer.

2. 💋 Lips:

Our salve also acts as a lip balm, ensuring that your lips stay soft and moisturized.

3. ❄️ Protect:

Cold weather, frost and wind dry out the skin and put it to the test in winter. Lavender salve forms a protective barrier that keeps your skin protected from the elements.

4. 🌟 For the entire body:

Suitable for the whole body - from the sensitive skin of the face to the soles of the feet.

5. For eyebrows:

Shape your brows with Lavender Balm to achieve a natural look.

🌿💜 With lavender salve, you simplify your skin care and save money!

Check out the salvo here!

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