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Why are there no creams in our selection?

Have you ever wondered why your daily face or body lotion didn't deliver the promised moisture and your skin feels dry despite applying it religiously? So did I, diligently applying creams twice a day only to wonder why my skin was still thirsty for real moisture. 

The revelation came when I delved into the ingredients of these seemingly luxurious creams. A typical facial moisturizer contains about 80% water, leaving only 5% humectants, 4% emollients and a mixture of emulsifiers, silicates, thickeners, preservatives and fragrances/essential oils. Basically, we've been led to believe that we're pampering our skin with moisture, but in reality, it's mostly water mixed with various additives.

🔍 The most common content of creams:

  • up to 80% water: Often the main ingredient that provides temporary moisture but evaporates quickly.

  • 5% humectants: Designed to retain moisture, but their effectiveness is diluted in a watery formula.

  • 4% emollients: Intended to soften and seal moisture, but their effect is limited

  • A variety of additives: emulsifiers, silicates, thickeners, preservatives and fragrances, each contributing to texture, shelf life and fragrance.

Have you ever felt like your creams are like an illusion?

You are not alone. The composition, which contains mostly water, can give a momentary feeling of moisture, but the oils and butters really nourish and moisturize the skin.

🌟 Salves and facial oils

At Vanamo Cosmetics, we have refused this illusion. We're not fooling you into thinking you're moisturizing your skin. Instead, we focus on nutrient-dense ingredients and facial oils with plenty of moisturizing ingredients and no water at all.  No diluted promises – just pure hydration. 

🌿 Benefits of oils

  • Deep moisturizing : The oils penetrate the layers of the skin and offer long-lasting and genuine moisturizing.

  • Rich in nutrients: Packed with vitamins and antioxidants that provide a natural boost to skin health.

  • No preservatives: Say goodbye to potentially harmful preservatives, especially the alcohol variants often found in creams that dry out the skin.

Choose skin care products that do not dilute their promises. Our salves and face oils embrace the authenticity of nature and offer your skin the care it deserves.

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Your skin deserves better.

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